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Should I Have My Baby Adjusted?

Updated: May 24, 2019

Absolutely! Babies, however they are birthed, endure a fair amount of trauma to their spines.

Even in the gentlest, most “normal” birth, an estimated 60-90 pounds of pressure is put on a

baby’s neck. Any intervention, such as having a Cesarean section, using a vacuum, or using

Pitocin, can increase that pressure and put huge stress on a fragile spine and underdeveloped neck muscles.

Just like in adults, spinal misalignment can cause not just pain and discomfort, but also symptoms that may not seem related to spinal problems. Colic, frequent ear infections, difficulty sleeping, not meeting normal developmental milestones (walking, crawling, sitting up, etc.) and digestive problems such as reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and difficulty breastfeeding can all be related to a misaligned spine. These things often see significant and immediate improvement after just one adjustment!

How do we adjust a baby’s spine? We definitely do NOT adjust babies the same way we adjust adults! We never use swift or twisting motions. After assessing the baby’s spine, Dr. Loveridge uses what we call “fingertip pressure” and just two fingers to ease vertebrae back into place. It is so gentle that babies often play, eat, or even sleep right through an adjustment! Many babies will show immediate relief from symptoms. For example, if the baby has been constipated, he or she will often have a bowel movement immediately after being adjusted. If there is an ear infection present, the baby will often stop crying and fussing as fluid begins to drain out of the ear canals into the throat or nose.

Even if your baby is not showing any signs of illness or discomfort, it is still a good idea to have him or her examined and adjusted. He or she still endured a birth of some kind (gentle or otherwise!) and we want to make sure your baby has the best start possible to growing strong and healthy. We love to see babies in our office!

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